Welcome to AEON FIVES LLC, your premier performance distributor for Automotive and Powersport applications. We’re dedicated to providing you the very best products available in the industry today with a focus on innovative designs, technological advances, performance orientation and customization.

Initiated in 1991, founder Allen W. discovered his passion for racing while working at Lockhart Phillips USA as sales manager, then research development and race program director before moving on to pursue his vision. In 1995, Allen partnered with World Motors Japan to establish World Motors USA in Northern California where he provided factory race equipment and application specific performance products for his fellow racers, introduced novices to regional race organizations and aided racers on the national circuits. This motivated him to endless pursuits of excellence and formed Team WMUSA which competed in Formula 2 & Formula 3, AMA, WERA and other national race organizations.

With this unequivocal approach and successes of the race team came endorsements, research development knowledge were manufacturing and partnerships overseas with distributions. These efforts took his business to multiple countries, caught attention of the industry and were featured in many publications in America, Asia and Europe. 

Now back in the USA, we had an opportunity to catch-up with Allen and questioned “What are your motivations after all these years?” Allen simply replied “I am still passionate about motorsports. Each racer or business is unique and we shall extend our custom tailor support to assist them in reaching the topmost level of performance possible.”